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Student with a fascination of CS and AI, especially in the health tech. Connect with me:

Creación de un chatbot para responder preguntas de TigerGraph con y pyTigerGraph.

¿Qué es este proyecto y por qué llevarlo a cabo?

Paso I: Crea el Bot en Discord

A Step-by-Step Microblog on Generating Secrets in TigerGraph

Photo from Unsplash by Stefan Steinbauer

What is a Secret?

Step I: Start Your Solution

  1. Create an account at
  2. Go to
  3. Create a solution (if you have not already).
  4. If you have created a solution, make sure it has started. If it’s off, go to Solution Operations > Start.
  5. Wait for the solution to say “Ready”…

Creating a Chat Bot to Answer TigerGraph Questions with and pyTigerGraph

What is the Project and Why Complete it?

Step I: Create the Bot on Discord

Click on the blue “New Application” button.

A Holiday Special and Introduction to a-frame


Image from Pixabay

Introduction to Beautiful Soup and Web Scraping


Step 1: Import Libraries

from bs4 import…

Photo from Unsplash by Janis Fasel

How to Run a Linear Regression using Pokémon Data from a Graph in TigerGraph

Part I: Setup

import pyTigerGraph as tgimport as pximport pandas as…

Image from Pixabay by Vinson Tan

How to Write Basic GSQL Commands

Photo from Unsplash by Gerd Altmann

Adding to the Schema and Adding More Data

How to Programmatically Create Graphs on TigerGraph

Photo from Unsplash by Charl Durand

Why Use Giraffle?

Steps to Get Started

  1. Creating a Solution on TigerGraph
  2. Setting Up Giraffle
  3. Creating a Schema
  4. Loading Data
  5. Creating Queries

Photo from Pixabay by Thor Deichmann

Pulling Data from PokéAPI and Build a Graph

Why Does This Matter?


  • Look at the PokéAPI Dataset
  • Create a Graph
  • Load Data from the API to Your Graph

Step 0: Set Up

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